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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Open Letter from a Minuteman

The following is an email I received today from a Minuteman I served with in South Texas.

Mr. President,

I am heading back to the border again today. We have made a difference on the border.... now if we can just make a difference in the Senate and you, Mr. President.

In 1986, Reagan gave us an amnesty bill.... we trusted that along with amnesty, the borders would be better secured and employers would be sanctioned or fined if they abusively hired illegals as provided for in this law that, as of today, is still not enforced. What's that old saying.... "Trust but verify".....? Well....., we have had 20 years to verify and have seen our TRUST totally violated.

In our little spot in South Texas along the highway from Mexico, we have seen our illegals sightings go from 150+ a night down to less than 30 a night. From Border Patrol being too busy to be successful ... to BP successes. We can make a difference. Putting additional resources on the border will make a difference....and it will save money. The MEXICANS and others....must TRUST we will do this or they will keep coming.

On CSPAN two weeks ago, the Senate Judiciary committee, held meetings on Immigration many new ones were needed, how many new judges were needed, where they were needed, when they were needed and how much they would cost. THERE WAS NO DISCUSSION OF SECURING THE BORDER........ MAKING ALL OF THE ABOVE UNNECESSARY....! I want to make it known to you and your Senators that this is a very bad use of limited funds. I am encouraging all my email friends to email, phone and write until as in the DUBAI insult, you understand the problem enough to do right thing.

I used to visit friends in Laredo crossing the border in the evening to enjoy one of the fine restaurants there. These friends do not go there anymore, they are Hispanic and certainly will not take me there anymore.

My own wrap-up of Minuteman duty will be posted as soon as I've paid bills/caught up laundry/bought groceries/etc.


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