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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Final Summary of Minuteman Duty in Texas, April 2006

I think I'm in the mood to write about this now that the bills have been paid, larder re-stocked, Cowchild located (cell phone was MIA, thus Cowchild was MIA at college), and various errands and urgent to-do's completed.

Minuteman duty this time was truly different and vastly more enjoyable than in October.  In the intervening months, there had been a change in the State leadership of the project, and that was truly for the best.

Probably due to the Beltway Bozos allegedly taking on "immigration" reform, we had a much lower turnout of volunteers than in October.  That being said, our leaders used all of their cunning and wiles to use the volunteers, equipment, and locations available to us to the greatest advantage.  Within the first week, we were able to completely disrupt and displace the human trafficking along one major north-south corridor in South Texas.  At least 6 coyotes were put out of business: two permanently out of business due to a rollover truck crash while being pursued by Border Patrol  and DPS, two more in jail, and two others who were locals and are now under local and federal law enforcement surveillance.

The first week, our sightings and reportings were half of the total for the entire month of October.  After that, the sightings dwindled mightily, due to our success in disrupting the illegal traffic.

It is amazing what a small group of people can do in such a short time.  It is frustrating to know that despite our efforts, the human and other illegal trafficking, simply re-routed to a non-Minuteman patrolled location.  What this proves, however, is that, it is possible to stop the invasion of our country .  It simply takes boots on the ground, and enforcement of the laws presently on the books.

The local Border Patrol were great.  We have all read the MSM articles where some high-ranking border patrol spokesperson denigrates the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.  The local BP sing a different song.  They are frustrated by their lack of personnel, and by the waves of illegals invading our country.  They need more manpower, better and more equipment, and support from Homeland Security so that they can enforce the laws of our country.

As to the other volunteers with whom I served, you just couldn't imagine a more diverse group.  There were volunteers from as far away as Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, Florida, Indiana, and numerous states in between.  It was fun visiting (Texas for "talking") with the volunteers from distant states.  It seems amazing that places not close to any border are suffering from the ramifications of this invasion of illegal aliens.  Just as we were from different places, we were also diverse in our backgrounds, but as we were all united for a single purpose, there was no problem among the volunteers, and we just did our job, and tried to have fun at the same time.  And in that regard, we most defintely succeeded.  We did a helluva job and had a helluva lot of fun getting that job done.

I'm looking forward to serving with those wonderful patriots again, although if our government decides to step up and do its Constitutionally mandated duty to defend our borders, the Minuteman CDC will step down.  If that happens, then I will treasure the knowledge that there are many, many people in this country who were willing to step up to the plate when their country was in jeopardy and the government was unresponsive to the dangers.


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