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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cowgirl Reporting from Minuteman Duty in South Texas

The month-long, 24-7, April border watch operation of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. is gearing up with wildly amazing reporting of illegal aliens in South Texas.

Last night, the radios and volunteers were hopping!

Starting from just after evening deployment, the sightings began to pour into HQ. The local Border Patrol office was quickly put on "speed dial."

Throughout the night, very large groups of illegals were spotted and reported.

Compared with the month-long October operation, the numbers of illegals making the march into our country have increased exponentially. We are truly being invaded.

As a rancher, I can identify with the local ranchers who are at their wits' end over what to do to stop the daily (and nightly) trespassing and destruction of their property. I realize it is difficult to imagine, but there are literally hundreds of illegals trespassing on private property every 24 hours.

In an earlier post, I questioned how much city-dwellers would appreciate hundreds of people traveling through their yards every day. That is what people must understand. Private property is just that. Private property which has been bought and paid for by the work and effort of those who own it is not to be confused with public property, and it is especially not international property.

It is difficult for me to adequately describe what happens to the ranches in South Texas due to the flood of illegals traveling through the property. The water tanks are fouled. The property is littered with backpacks, clothes, assorted personal hygiene items, empty water bottles, and the list goes on. Fences are cut, resulting in the risk of livestock being loosed on public roadways, and financial loss to the owners.

This week, I went to an absolutely wonderful home set upon a rolling hill surrounded by stately live oak trees. It is a house and a setting that I cannot imagine anyone would not fall in love with. Sadly, the owner can no longer live in the house due to the dangers posed by hundreds of people passing through the property every day.

Bottom line. This is the United States of America. This situation is simply unacceptable.

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN: The greater the number of volunteers, the more property we can cover with our border watch reporting. The more reporting that is done, the more Border Patrol agents will be assigned to an area. Please, please. If you can possibly get away from your real life for a little while, go online and join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. and come down to South Texas this month and help us continue to raise this issue up to the American people, so our illustrious elected officals can no longer ignore the fact that our country is being invaded, and that before any "immigration" reform is even considered, our borders must be sealed.


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