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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cowgirl Reporting 1st Week of Minuteman Texas Operation

What a week this has been! We have been working very hard, watching and reporting. In one week, we have sighted and reported over 400 illegals on the properties we are operating on. The total number for the last month-long operation, October, was 800. The number of captures is far more than our reportings, as the border patrol is looking at us as real helpers this time around.

The folks here are just great people. They are the kind of people you would invite over for dinner and a game of dominos. I love to watch the way everyone pulls together to figure out how to solve an equipment or logistical problem in preparation for some special operation. These are regular people from all walks of life, who would never have met under normal circumstances. Yet, here we are, spending time with one another, all trying to preserve our country.

The media is all but ignoring the month-long Minuteman operation. If you can put any pressure on Fox News or any of the other networks to give us some publicity, it would be great.

Spirits were down when it looked like the Senate had reached a compromise on that completely ridiculous immigration bill, thereby pursuing politics rather than the preservation of our country. In case you missed it, there were 3 classes of illegal aliens set out in the bill, which is ludicrous on its face (are there 3 classes of income tax evaders?). The first class involved a road to citizenship without leaving the country for people who had been here 5 or more years. OK. These are "undocumented" workers. How are they going to prove they have been here 5+ years? You can just scratch out the other 2 classes of illegals, because they will ALL say they have been here for 5 years. Just how stupid do our elected representatives think we are? Give me a break.

We were all relieved when Congress went on Easter break. I'd kinda like them to stay on break. That way they can't pass any more assinine bills, thereby fouling things up even more.

Bottom line. All that needs to be done is for the government to enforce the laws now on the books, and to seal the borders to prevent more invasion. And, I intentionally used the word invasion. We don't need more laws..... we already have just what we need. There is also that little document known as the Constitution of the United States, that assigns the federal government the duty of defending America's borders. Enforcement of existing laws is all we need.

Well, maybe that's not exactly accurate. Enforcement and Generation 3 night vision equipment is what we need. We could use some more of that. The coyotes have better toys than we do. If anyone would like to donate directly to the Texas operation so we can have the best toys, the HQ number is 361-325-5121.

Of course, if you want to be a Minuteman, get online and register, and then phone the HQ number. The more people we have, the more territory we can watch.

Thanx to everyone for your kind wishes and moral support. One very tired cowgirl, signing off.


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