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Monday, April 24, 2006

Can you say, "RINO"?

It is unbelieveable that Gov. Schwarzenegger gets two posts on this weblog in the same day.  However, this story warrants another rant.  In the article, Arnold is quoted as saying,
"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday said that building a 700-mile wall along the Mexican border to deter illegal immigration would amount to "going back to the Stone Ages," and instead urged the use of high-tech gear and more patrols to secure the nation's southern boundary."
Arnie, the combination of wall and big-ass fence is working great in Israel.
To be fair, Arnie "
also repeated his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants."
I just don't understand why our elected officials don't "get it."  Build, fence/wall/troops on the ground, whatever it takes to secure our borders.  Then, round up the illegal aliens in our midst.  It just ain't rocket science.


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