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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What It Would Take To Get The President Back In The Saddle Again

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has a great post entitled, "5 Things Bush Can Do To Get His Approval Going Back In The Right Direction."

I will not copy the post in its entirety, but will address the points John made.

These are the five things John Hawkins thinks the President should do now:

1. "Splitting His Illegal Immigration Plan In Two" - John advocates a two pronged plan, with phase one being to secure the border and round up illegal alliens, and phase two being the guest worker plan.

The Minutemen and other true advocates of border security have long espoused this sort of plan. Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has often used the analogy of first plugging the leak in the rowboat, and then bailing out the water. This approach only makes sense. There is no effective way to start at any other point besides sealing the borders to even begin to solve the problem.

Obviously the next step after securing the borders, is to start rounding up those people in this country illegally. Then deport them, after first identifying them by name, photograph, fingerprints, iris scan, DNA, every available means of identifying someone. They should never, ever be allowed to enter this country again, after ignoring our laws and national sovereignty, and in all likelihood, having taken advantage of our health care, schools, and probably social services.

As far as a guest worker program, that is simply unnecessary. I am not anti-immigration. I am simply anti-illegal immigration. Most of the people in the world would give anything to be able to become American citizens. There is just no need for a guest worker program when the list of people desiring to immigrate legally to the United States is endless.

2. "Showing That He's Serious About Cutting The Deficit" - Here John says that the President should really grab the headlines by announcing that his administration should get serious on reducing Federal spending, including using his first veto on a pork-laden bill.

That would be fine with me. I'm always at risk of blowing an artery when I actually read the list of pork in the bills passed by Congress and approved by the President. For example, I don't live in Alaska, and it really galls me to pay for a bridge to some island that I'll never go to, and that most people in Alaska don't really care about.

3. "Find A Way to Kill The Port Deal" - John basically says that while there are some things worth fighting for, this is not not one of them.

I am totally lukewarm on this, and could care less either way. I think the President was blindsided by this issue, as it was a routine administrative procedure, which apparently just slipped beneath the radar. It is unfortunate that the UAE will be embarassed should this deal not go through, and I can certainly understand the President not wanting to lose a strategically located ally in the Middle East, but I have to agree with Charles Krauthammer that this deal should have been killed in committee. To my mind, this is a lose/lose issue, not of his making, for the President, and he is basically screwed either way.

4. "Use The World's Biggest Microphone" - According to John, the President should seriously take the offensive, and blow the socks off the Democrats by emphasizing their lack of any sort of plan, and total lack of willingness to work with Republicans for the good of the country, while pointing out that the Republicans actually do have a plan, which has been in effect for 5 years, and that it is working well.

I am in complete agreement with this. Every time the President is truly fired up and gets back into Cowboy mode, his poll numbers jump up. We want our President to appear to be in control, and getting the job done. This is what we in Texas refer to as "kickin' ass and takin' names."

5. "Get More Specific On Iraq" - Here John suggest that the President call the Democrats' and medias' bluff. He has a great idea that the President should hold a prime time televised news conference and give the American people the true facts of the war, where we've been, where we are, and where we are going. Included in that press conference should be Iraqi generals, soldiers and citizens, as well as our own troops and generals who have served or are serving in Iraq, and let them tell their stories and answer questions. The point John is making is that the American people have been misled by the bias of the MSM, and the President must set the record straight.

I would love for this to happen! There are so many people who only watch the alphabet channels to get their news. They have absolutely no clue what is really going on. They have been intentionally misled and lied to by the Democrats and the MSM, and the American people have a right to know the truth, and the President holding this sort of a press conference would just blow the MSM and the Democrats right out of the water.

As usual, John was spot on with these fabulous ideas. As a citizen of a border state, I also appreciate that he put the border problems first. That certainly where it is on my list.

Send this and John's post to everyone you know. Maybe eventually it will get to Karl Rove or the President. Wouldn't it be cool if within the next couple of weeks our Cowboy President got back in the saddle and started kickin' ass and takin' names?


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