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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

True Account of Recent Minuteman Duty in South Texas

The following is an excerpt from an account by a Minuteman about his recent weekend border watch in South Texas.

This past weekend we had a watch at the (name withheld) Ranch. An amazing event occurred that underscores the importance of a protected U. S. border. A group of some twelve individuals was spotted as they were sneaking over the fence from the (name withheld) ranch to the adjacent ranch to the north. When they realized they had been spotted they scattered, some three (estimated) running back to the south into the woods on (name withheld)'s property. BP was called, responded immediately, and apprehended nine -- ALL CHINESE, who only knew the English word "sorry" according to one BP agent. Don't know about the other three, as they were never caught. We assume there was a coyote among those three -- so he/she is free to break the law again. Remember, we are 70 miles inland from the border. How did they get here? Where were they going? What diseases might they be carrying (e.g., bird flu)? What was their goal?

Events such as this are exactly why I am a Minuteman, and why it is so terribly important for everyone to contact your senators and urge them to get real on actually solving the illegal immigration problems.

Forget guest workers. Forget amnesty. The most critical issue at present, is to get the borders sealed. We can sort out the rest of the mess once the flow of illegals is stopped.


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