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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Texas Fred's Plan on How the Bush Adm. can become heroes

Texas Fred at Ace in the Hole has a great post today entitled How Mr. Bush and the Republicans can be Heroes. Fred says:

I'm not a brilliant strategerist like Karl Rove, but I KNOW how GWB can get his poll numbers WAY UP, give the Repubs a hell of a run in '06 and make '08 a total CONSERVATIVE sweep... And it's just too simple... Here's the deal... Are you ready??

Read the whole thing. It's what we Texans call plain, old fashioned common sense.

And remember there is still time to volunteer for the Minuteman April operation. You can register online at:

The Beltway Bunch is trying to ignore our voices, so let them see our numbers during April!


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