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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still Raining

Looks like we are going to get 6 months' worth of rain all in one shot. The lake is filling up nicely. It was lower than it had been for several years. The ducks and geese are swimming in the puddles in the pastures. Why they are not swimming in the lake, is beyond me.

The down side to all of this is that my high speed wireless is out. Which means I am on dial up with ancient phone lines. The pages actually time out before they can load. Very frustrating, which is why I am trying to stay off line today.

Actually, it is a good day for cooking (I made stew and cornbread), laundry, reading, napping (with earplugs, as The Cowboy is watching racing on tv...very noisy), and in general just puttering around.

There is some disaster show on the Discovery channel tonight, something about if a big, bad tornado hits Dallas. Then, I think it is followed by disaster scenarios in other cities around the world. Not sure if I'll watch the Dallas one. Big conflict with Desperate Housewives. And, whichever one comes on at 9:00, well for sure I won't watch it, because I simply won't miss Grey's Anatomy for some bogus "it could happen" show.

Well, this dial up is about to get on my last nerve, so....Cowgirl signing off.


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