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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Somebody please whop them with a cluebat!

Apparently, our Senators are still dithering around over what in the world to do about illegal immigration. In an article from, entitled "Senators debate U.S.-Mexico border fence", it appears that they still don't have a clue how many of their constituents are livid over this issue.

Please, please everyone, get busy with phone calls and faxes, telegrams, pony express, whatever it takes, and make sure your senators know where you stand on this issue.

It appears they are hoping to throw yet more money at a this huge and dangerous problem, with no intention of actually solving it. Aren't you just fed up with this?

Here we are, in a global war against terrorism, and anybody from anywhere, carrying anything, could just walk across our borders darn near anywhere.


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