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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Open Letter to Senators Cornyn and Hutchinson

Dear Senators,

I know that you are working very hard to deal with the very serious issues of border security and illegal immigration.

Please understand that your constituents are fed up with this issue. We want our borders sealed. We don't care if it is troops on the ground, a fence, a canyon, or claymores running the length of the border (well, the ranchers would be upset if their cattle started 'splodin', but you get the jist of what I'm saying).

This is the United States of America. We can afford to do anything we want to do. Personally, I want troops on the border as well as fences in high crossing areas, drone surveillance, cameras, and laser guided missiles would be fine as well.

Our country is being invaded by people who have no respect for either our national sovereignty or our laws. People desirous of legally immigrating to the country are frustrated by our legal immigration process. Those are the ones we actually want here. The ones who come in illegally, we don't want.

In this global war on terror, it is astounding to me that you folks inside the Beltway, don't seem to "get it" that your constituents want their borders secured. It seems like that would have been Step #1 after 9/11, and that the borders remain unsecured (as in "leaking like a sieve") five years later, is inexcusible.

Personally, I would rather you folks passed no immigration legislation than to waste money on studies, detention centers, and whatever worthless enterprises you might think up. If the Federal government would just enforce the laws we have now, and ensure that the borders are secure, that would solve the problem. It is simple, actually.


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