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Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Big Talk but Still No Action

The Democratic governor of the State of Arizona has been quite vocal about the problems with illegal aliens (notice I said "aliens" not the more politically correct "immigrants"). She has stated publicly that she would use National Guard troops on the Arizona/Mexico border as a prevention.

However, to date, it is only big talk. There are no National Guard troops on the border.

Gov. Napolitano, as well as the other border-state governors better "get a clue." We border-state citizens are fed up with their inaction on what we consider an invasion of our country.

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Arizona may fund National Guard troops on border
The Associated Press

PHOENIX - Gov. Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she is prepared to use state money to send National Guard troops to the Arizona-Mexico border to crack down on illegal immigration if the Pentagon declines to pick up the bill.
It was the first time the governor has said she would be willing to use state money. In December, Napolitano said her plan would be impossible without complete federal funding.
But Republicans have since charged that her position gave the Democratic governor an escape clause, allowing her to talk tough in an election year while not actually doing anything about the border problem.
Arizona is the nation's busiest illegal entry point, and the state feels the federal government is not doing enough to stop it. Napolitano has proposed expanding the National Guard's border presence.


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