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Monday, March 27, 2006

Illegal Aliens take to the streets and nobody does anything about it?!?!?

Well, Rush was on fire this afternoon on the illegal alien issues. Talk about deja vu. Listening to him, I almost wonder if he has read my previous musings. Hmmm....

As I have said previously on numerous occasions, if the Feds would just enforce the laws we already have, none of this would be necessary.

So, now this middle-aged cowgirl is headed south, spending my hard earned, non-tax deductible monies to watch and report hundreds of illegal aliens crossing through private property. In return, I get referred to as a vigilante by the President I admire greatly. However, I'm too old to join the Marines, and this is the only way I can serve my country, so this is what I'll do.

The people I will be working with are fantastic. They are just regular people, who love their country, and want it to be intact when the time comes to pass it off to children and grandchildren.

The protests by illegals today just amazed me. My first question, of course, was, "Where is DHS?" My second question was, "Why aren't they roundin' em up, and movin' em out?" How easy would that have been with so many in one place? Sheesh! As Rush pointed out, if there were really half a million in one place, that's about a year's worth of them. The governors in the respective states, could have easily called out the National Guard to contain them.

Then there were all those Mexican flags. If they love Mexico so much..... why don't they live there? What do they want? To take over America? So it can be just like Mexico? Then they'd be back to square one. What's next? Canada?

Bottom line is that this is the United States. Immigration is just fine and dandy, but illegal immigration is an invasion. And, it's illegal. Illegal immigration has wrecked health care in the border states. There is no way we are going to be able to lower health care costs with the population of Mexico using our hospitals as their primary health care facilities..... and without paying a dime. Wonder who pays for their health care? Oh yes, that's right. We do.

Then we have our education system, which for some reason, no matter how much money is thrown at it, fails to properly educate our children. Perhaps some of the problem is that our schools are trying to teach people who don't understand our language (that would be English) as well as people who do understand it. It ain't workin', and it ain't gonna. More money down the drain.

Of course, there is also that nasty little complication called the Greater War on Terror. God only knows who has crossed, is crossing at this very moment, or will cross tomorrow into our country, and what their intentions are.

This is all just so wrong, on so many different levels, it is mind-boggling. Now, is the time for baby steps. Bold baby steps.

Step One: Seal the border. Stop the illegals from coming in, and that will give us a little breathing room to figure out what to do about the 12 million plus illegals that are already here.

Step Two: Round em up and move em out. Illegal is illegal. Don't prosecute them, just send them home and make sure they cannot ever come back. They do not respect our national sovereignty or our laws, so they can't come in.

Step Three: Forget the whole guest worker thing. Most of the people in the world want to come to the United States and be citizens. They want to be Americans. Let's try something novel. Let's allow people to emigrate, and become citizens. None of this guest worker crap. It really isn't necessary.

I'll be blogging from Minuteman duty the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of last minute errands and packing, so the first post will likely be on the 30th.

In the meantime, stay on your Senators and Congresscritters. Make sure they understand that we will not accept half-assed measures. Seal the borders! Worry about the other stuff later. Are we going to have to suffer through another 9/11 before the Beltway Bozos get their heads unwedged from their elite behinds? Write, fax, phone, email, and give 'em hell!

Remember, Homeland Security Begins At the Border!!



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